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Chasing Matisse, James Morgan
Part biography and part memoir, the author follows the footsteps of painter Henri Matisse.

A Journey into Matisse's South of France, Laura McPhee
This book with photos and reproductions of Matisse's work follows him on his journeys into the South of France, where he discovered the light and color that saturate his work.

The French Riviera: A Literary Guide For Travellers, Ted Jones
Anecdotes and descriptions of the of the Cote d'Azur by many of the authors who found inspiration there.

The Illustrated Olive Farm, Carol Drinkwater
A compilation of Carol Drinkwater's three books about life in Provence on an olive farm.

A Year in Provence, Peter Mayle
The first of many books Peter Mayle has written based on his experiences and adventures living in Provence.

Colors of Provence, Michel Biehn
A new and revised edition (2006), including traditions, recipes and home decorations from the south of France. Michel Biehn's shop is in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

Quilts of Provence, The Art and Craft of French Quiltmaking, Kathryn Berenson
A new edition, with new cover, is to be released in April 2007. Carefully researched, well written and beautifully produced.

CÚzanne's Garden, Derek Fell
Master gardener and photographer Derek Fell describes CÚzanne's life and gardening philosophy. The photos alone will make you anxious to visit not only CÚzanne's studio but his garden.

Van Gogh's Garden, Derek Fell
Derek Fell's photos compliment Van Gogh's paintings as Fell describes the flowers and fields which inspired Van Gogh.

Renoir's Garden, Derek Fell
Yet another book by gardener Derek Fell. Unfortunately this book is out of print. It is available "used" and it may be in your local library or used book shop.

At Home in France, Ann Barry
A travel and food writer, Ann Barry purchased and has restored a house in a village near the Dordogne. Unable to visit frequently, she obviously enjoyed every moment she actually lived in her French home.

French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in the South of France, Richard Goodman
A New Yorker tries his hand at gardening near Avignon.

Markets of Provence, A Culinary Tour of Southern France, Ruthanne Long
This colorful book will give you a good taste of the produce markets of seven small Provenšal villages.